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We’re pleased to be able to open up bidding opportunities to online bidders for some of our live auction items. Online/Live auctions will be treated in much the same manner as our traditional auction format, where live bidders that are on-site will be given the opportunity to bid against online bidders. If you are not able to be on-site at the time of the auction, we recommend placing your highest max bid. Our staff will be in direct communication with the auctioneer, bidding online for the on-site bidders. When the auctioneer announces an item has been sold, the online auction will end, regardless of time remaining in the online listing.

Pavlis Auction & Realty will do the best we can to make the bidding process and information given fair for both online and live bidders alike. While we are offering the online bidding option as a convenience for buyers, we highly recommend that you attend the auction on-site to bid in the traditional manner. By being on-site, not only will you get to share in the excitement of auction day, you will also get to see all items in person, which is the best assurance that you know what you are bidding on.

If you are interested in registering to bid online, please fill out the form below before trying to submit a bid. If you bid online, we are not able to see your max bid, and we are not able to make changes to your bid if you later choose to go to the auction in person. Thanks for being a part of Pavlis Auction & Realty’s auctions!

5% Buyer’s Fee will be charged, with no additional charge for use of credit cards.

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